Friday, February 5, 2016

Program #2 "Creativity": With Wishbone Zoë

In this episode, devoted to the topic of Creativity, we interview Wishbone Zoë, a musical, visual and performance artist; 
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To learn more about where to hear Wishbone Zoe:

and you can hear (and purchase) "Fossil's Dream" at:

We also explore  a "creativity calisthenic" exercise called Image Streaming;
for more information about it and other super learning exercises, see:

See“The Einstein Factor”
How to Image Stream:
Where to get more information:

You can also hear an Image Streaming product, a song called "I Can Fly".

Finally, an unintentional review of Charlie Kaufman's latest weirdsterpiece, Anomalisa.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Program #1 (January 2016): Reader to Reader with David Mazor

In our very first episode we talk with David Mazor, Founder and Executive Director of Reader to Reader, a literacy initiative that has overseen the donation of over $50 million worth of books  to schools and libraries that are otherwise under-served and under-funded. In addition, Reader to Reader sponsors "Read, Think, Share," currently the largest academic mentorship programs in the state of Massachusetts, pairing over 1,200 K-12 students with college student volunteers.

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Podcast #1: Reader to Reader (January 2, 2016)

To donate well-loved, useful books, volunteer, or get more information, read more at the Reader to Reader website:
Mailing Address:
Reader To Reader
Cadigan Center
38 Woodside Avenue
Amherst, MA 01002
Telephone: 413-256-8595

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